Wednesday 1 September 2010

Code and work, in staccato

Back from my vacation in Sweden, which I spent mostly on writing a whole lot of code. Tried Bullet physics which was fun, immediately found a few bugs which spawned some ideas for writing my own solution. I shall (and should) post pone those ideas as much as I can. Did a lot of work on the GUI and editor too, I can now load objects, select materials and assign shaders. Will continue working on this a bit so that I can actually put proper objects into the game test code.

Work is a little complicated right now, the plans for experiments in the fall are very diffuse. Will have to discuss some ideas with some people.

Tried my brother's new signature strat, really nice. Will buy an FGN NCST 10M 2TS (maple fretboard and two tone sunburst finish) soon. This of course brings forth my picky buyer side, because transparent finishes show a lot of wood, and then there's the grain pattern in the headstock... Another silly idea is that since FGNs are pretty inexpensive guitars, I could buy a tele at the same time. Teles sound absolutely incredible far down the neck with chords and they are really crisp. But strats are "easier". I will start with a strat.

The Filco keyboard is really something else. I tried a bunch of keyboards at home and I am pretty confident no rubber dome keyboard has a chance against blue Cherry switches. N key rollover is priceless too (I could not sidestep, lean and reload at the same time in Raven Shield, that's just not cool). I have actually found a few of those small Dell server keyboards at CERN. Really nice for rubber domeys, but the blues still win. Want hhkb.

Gotta finish my lunch for tomorrow, potato salad with capers, some pork filet from home on the side and something green. Like red tomatoes.

That was a rather pointless entry, but an entry nonetheless.