Saturday 23 May 2015

Göteborgsvarvet, and Berlin

No, I did not actually participate in Göteborgsvarvet (pay for something that I can do for free?), but I did run remotely with my friends. Found a variant of a route I tend to run around GSI/FAIR, which included a repeating a long section once, but at least I never got lost. 21.4 km it seems. So how did it go? Well considering I got up at 11.30 or so, had oatmeal for a darn long time until 12.45, went off at 13.03, and finished at 14.42, I'd say quite ok. Ah yes, I had only done three exercise rounds (12.3, 13.2, and 14.x km) about a week and a half before this. So, the "official" time is 1h 37min 36s for 21,097 m. Maybe that'll get better next year.

But before that, just after the Ascension holiday, I went to Berlin for the first time in my life. The real reason was the last thing I'll mention, but I deciced to do some sightseeing as well and will tell about that in chronological order.

2015-05-15: Took the train(s) in the morning and arrived in Berlin at 15.30 or so. Walked through the city center and to my hotel, which was really close to Tiergarten, around which the most famous things are located. Relaxed a little, and went to the Dunkel Restaurant that I had heard about from Stephen Fry on QI, possibly on the program about Germany? Anyway, fun, kinda costly though. Food was fine, not at all brilliant. Great stuff if you have company, I'm sure. Contemplating the experience in solitude felt a bit weird, although some nearby tables did sound rather quiet at times. I thought I didn't need the camera (at least for that place I didn't), which was too bad since I walked through the city center again in the evening and should've taken some photos.

2015-05-16: Went to Potsdam, and esp. the big park where the Sanssouci Schloß is located. Very pretty around there, and I like to stroll around aimlessly so this place was perfect. Very big area of gardens, parks and old beautiful buildings, more to the French than the German style (hmm, sans souci might be a French expression ;) ). Spent most of the day there, went back and walked around the city. Found a French restaurant (Ganymede?) where I had veal kidney and sweetbreads. Lovely. I do feel bad for eating veal, I tend to avoid it, but I wanted to have veal sweetbreads at least once in my life... Pretty much it.

2015-05-17: Found a boat trip from the Hauptbahnhof up and down the Spree. It was very cold that morning, I had my jacket zipped all the way up and plugged it with my little head as far down as I could get it. I like boat trips, so still nice. Landed, went to the Sony center and watched Mad Imax (Mad Max on Imax, to the max). Great action-movie, not as warm as the old ones, but the action was top notch. And when will they stop f*cking around with fake 3D, I hate that sh!t! Ugh. Anyway, found a place to eat, walked around a bit, and then it was time for the big finale, the reason I went to Berlin.

Hilary Hahn performing the Beethoven violin concerto, with the Berliner Philharmoniker Orkester. Just, very good. Among the best things I've ever done. She gave a surprise performance of a piece of a Bach partita as well, very pretty much appreciated. Then something else afterwards with only the orchestra which felt like a very jumpy composition. The grace of Beethoven had me in trance still however, so all fine.

Anyhow, time to eat, might link some pictures later to give this post the beauty treatment it so deserves. Itadakimasu!

EDIT 2015-05-26: Learnt that Donald Duck will get a new car. Without the 313 number plate. *sigh* Dang it all to smell.
Anyhow, got me thinking about Donald Duck comics from my childhood, and for some unholy reason I'll just list some artists that I liked:

  1. Don Rosa - Because he's the Don.
  2. Carl Barks - Old-school heart-warming stories, but not as fantastic and engrossing as those of the Don.
  3. Bas / Mau Heymans - I never looked into the differences, but my goodness their drawings are hilarious.
  4. Marco Rota - Has the softest, most haunting and mystical style.
All the others have done a lovely job too, but I will forever remember the comics or certain pictures by the above artists. To think that I wanted to be a comic artist many many years ago... And a magician. In a way I'm glad those impulses passed.