Thursday 24 May 2012

Blogging fail...

I just couldn't keep it up, could I? Posting once a month. At least I don't spout out inane and completely useless posts every other day for nobody to read.

Been pretty busy in many ways, one thing that made things a bit difficult was... bed bugs. I had never heard about the suckers before, but after a trip to Denmark, I noticed I got a large number of small red dots all over my arms and legs. At first I thought they were a bad case of "perspiration rash" that I get when it's hot outside, but then the rash got a lot worse and a friend told me they could be bed bug bites. This morning, the desinsectisation man visited for the second and last time and sprayed and gas bombed the place, so I can't return until late in the evening... Seems like the bugs died the first time he came to visit. Thanks to the summer student (to be, in June) who called the company to set up the rendez-vous, that was a bit embarrassing.

Been programming pretty ferociously lately, but it's difficult when it's only a hobby. Been playing around more with atmospheric scattering to support multiple scattering and proper integration with the terrain. The terrain is now CDLODed with height map LOD on the GPU as well, so there's very little popping with very little memory use. Need to improve integration and then do some clever texturing tricks on the terrain.

Took my Spicy out two weekends ago, and I reached Col de Crozet! The 1700+ summit a little bit further on was too much for my first trial up the mountains though, maybe I'll give it a shot the coming weekend. Need more water this time. And then the downhill bit... Oh my that was wonderful. Scary at times, I almost swerved off the road at one point, but that's what it's all about.

Grim Dawn hit it on with Kickstarter, and did very well. In fact, they smashed all the extra money "milestones". I upped my Epic purchase to a full co-op bundle, not sure yet to whom I shall give that extra copy. Alpha+beta+full expansions for me and a good friend!

I heard something about Diablo III. Trying to ignore it.

I need to learn to "play" guitar, instead of always "reaching". Not sure how to go about doing that :/

That's about it.