Tuesday 12 March 2013

Gotta post every month

Writing the thesis and finishing off the astrophysics course.

Programming every now and then, terrain texturing now based on Wang-like corner tiles, currently updating the FRM code for models.

Got interested in Gibson SG:s again, pretty little things. Too bad they're so inexpensive, I may waste money on one really soon.

And Fender now has American Standard Strats with lipsticks. *sigh*

Yamaha THR amps look like fun.

Trying to improvise the "solo bits" on "Mary had a little lamb" by SRV, great fun.

Still doing some Japanese, not trivial all on my own, but I'm progressing, slowly.

Not far from mastering Mill's mess with three balls.

I love the IT crowd. Moss would be an amazing friend, Sheldon's an ass.

Been looking at porting the iwlwifi 2230 driver to FreeBSD, wanna use that so bad (so I can wear the BSD horns, lookup at the FreeBSD mall. Btw that is a joke.).

Razer Abyssus is brilliant, light-weight and simple, especially on the Artisan Shiden mid. I thought the edges would hurt, but they hardly do. Lack of side-buttons is not a problem, people who give negative reviews for that on this mouse are idiots (like giving the best orange jam in the world a bad review because it's a bit sweet for potatoes). Tried a bit of CS 1.6 to try it out for real, first time for ages, popped a bunch more headshots than I did back in the day. So a good review from me on that pointer setup.

I feel like I'm flat-lining. It's the only way to keep myself in working condition I guess, 'cause I've figured my issues came to stay, forever.

In any case, I made an entry for March \../ >_< \../