Wednesday 7 March 2012

Back to Sweden for a bit

Lic thesis printed and standing in a box to my right, eager to distribute young wisdom among fellow subatomic scientists. I've managed to pry it onto a couple of people in the group at my home university already.

I had my first bike trip on my Lapierre a few weeks ago, thinking that the roads up the Juras looked, from ground level, pretty clean and easy to ride on. Oh boy was I wrong, I had to stop after 300m of climbing and having fallen 10 times into the deep snow due to the SPD gear. I fell in full view on the pavement at a roundabout just before reaching the mountains too, but I did pretty well otherwise and until the rime crusted snow blanket started laughing at me. And the first 50m of climbing were terrible, I thought my lungs were about to fly out of my mouth and never return. Took a short pause and then the rest was rather enjoyable, until the snow of course. I shall give it another go whenever the snow has receded, I must reach the 1700+m summit!

Small, small updates on the real time radiosity code, and some work on actual game projects. That's all I have time and energy for these days. I learnt about Dare yesterday from a fellow UK game development daydreamer junkie. Looks like a ton of fun, staying up all night cranking game content in all its forms. Seems to me that competition is all about making broad appeal games and generally bland trash for the dumb masses though. Shiny, fun, instant gratification. *sigh* I'd like to express myself in the words of Bill Hicks: "Play from your F*CKING HEART!" Or Henry Rollins: Actually that rant is too long to be put here. Look it up on yt. George Carlin too while you're at it.

Battlefield 3 is the balls. Fortunately I got it as a Christmas present from a friend who got it for free somehow. I enjoy Titan Quest Immortal Throne with Soulvizier a lot more. Good things take time, that's my problem. I forced myself to play some BF3 with my friends anyway since they seem to like it a bunch.

Guitar, I miss you :p

EDIT: Can't pass by the opportunity to touch upon the recent Kickstarter mania:
Double Fine Adventure - Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert in the same company with this going on o_O
Crowdsourced hardcore tactical shooter - A proper shooter O_o
Sad that I just happened to pass by the second on gdnet before it vanished to the second page news...