Tuesday 1 January 2019


Happy New Year! Sweden is now officially one of the most violent places in Europe.

I feel just like at home! Funny on the one hand how this was stated in the news with no build-up, but everybody who expressed concerns about it during the last few years were branded. The risk of a re-election is also pretty scary, especially after these news.

Anyhow, let's escape the real world for a bit. Well, actually, not even film magic let's us do that any longer. I was looking forward to the final Star Wars event (if only it would be the last) before Christmas, and then I figured they take two years to make. Slightly disappointed, I watched VII on TV some days ago and started thinking about the Star Wars Universe (SWU), again. Let's see, the new trilogy makes me quite upset actually, even more than the prequel trilogy does. Wait-wait-wait, the prequels still provide for buckets of cringe, don't get me wrong, but the new ones are straight up evil. They are mainly machines to propel narratives outside of the SWU, because I learnt nothing new about the SWU. Except the fantastic stories from IV mean little to nothing. All the discussions after the releases show the real narrative that some people want to push. Whoever determined why and how to make this new trilogy rode the fan base hype wave to get going, but then vilified many of them when criticized. A lot of unrelated famouses joined the literal and metaphorical pointing of fingers, and as usual we're ugly, fat, sad, and hate certain people. All we want is amazing blazing adventures in space with myths and legends, wishing we were there, running shoulder to shoulder with the hard struggling heroes, helping them blast the bad empire to bits! That's it. It's really that simple. I'll watch the last attempt next year because my friends will, but that's it, I'm done with them. OOPS, I meant this year.

Fortunately, one can always watch the old trilogy and relive the real magic over and over, forever 8D

McGrumps showed up for a bit up there, but I rounded him off with starry eyes. Ahh, binary sunset! *playing the music in my head*