Monday 30 August 2021

Two little vacations

Had two vacations this summer, because more is more. The whole deal had to be orchestrated a bit between the experiment, my passport running out, and two vaccinations, of which the second is only "valid" after 14 days. Got a one-way business ticket again, nice. The passport office in my hometown was fully booked, so had to travel for 2 h to Hultsfred. Nice people there, was a pleasant change from German service hospitality :p Which is not all bad, but the Swedish vibe is for sure different. Took it very easy in Sweden, leafed through Sakurai again, nice for a relaxing holiday...

The second vacation went the other way, to warmer latitudes. More than two weeks went by without touching a computer, seriously. I hiked a lot and did some other outdoors activities in beautiful places, met some new very nice people, had excellent food. Was a great experience, and today on my first day at work, other people said I haven't been this relaxed and happy since I arrived at GSI. Probably even longer than that. I feel it too, no headache like I've had for many, many mornings starting already late last year. I also need better routines for many things in life, like staying away from the computer more...

I need to put more time into my violin playing! When it's good, it feels great. Vibrato is taking so long to learn, but I'm getting there. I still know what I want to play.

So many things playing in my head now, I don't know what else to jot down this time... Let's say I have some new strength and motivation, and insights in my future :)

EDIT 2021-09-01: Oh no I forgot, RIP Sean Lock, the best quiz show comedian. Way too soon :(