Sunday 24 September 2017


Dapper is the best word to describe the new Kingsman film, and also for the first. Not a huge fan of either, the second was a little better, but they're ok films. Just before the show I saw another trailer (with the same contents as the previous ones pretty much) for Blade Runner, and I'm not sure I should bother. The first one was not a typical AAA film, I cannot see how they'd dare make anything like it ever again. That atmosphere thick enough that you could bang your head if you're not careful. One should keep an open mind, but certain memories I just don't want to taint. In an effort not to end this paragraph in a grumpy way, I should mention I really loved hearing In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword in the Thor: Ragnarök trailer, but Carpenter Brut will forever be the king (the "new" Maniac is amazing).

Ashes of Malmouth is on the way, and the cityscape looks great. Too bad my laptop is "getting slow". And I found a coffee shop the other day, I mean the proper kind where they roast their beans and sell them, that'll be my next grand downtown adventure.

Other than that, just trucking on. I should truck on a little harder, but now it's Saturday and I should take it easy. I.e. sleep.

EDIT 2017-09-24: I cannot stop listening to Maniac by CB, except for All Along the Watchtower it might be the best cover ever made. I'm only missing a studio version with a spot-on solo.

And OLKB Planck with Gateron blue + crazy keycap set... That's life.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

That's a strange name for a documentary, I thought at first.

The funny part was that in the news just before I saw this on TV, young newly rich Indians expressed their happiness with their new life style with shopping, parties etc. And then this documentary comes on, and India turns out to be an antagonist towards the indigenous people of Ethiopia, the Anuak (gasp Chromium does not recognize that word!). We all know this is happening all the time, throughout history and now, so the surprising thing to me is that every time one hears about it it's equally emotional...

So, the very rich try to be nice and ship around money, and the poor countries "fight". Minimize casualties while improving the world someone in the World Bank said. I thought the expression The Goal Justifies the Means was rhetorical.

Anyway, the point is that this is a very nice documentary and you should see it, and every other point in this post is emotional filler that should be ignored ;)

This reminds me of something much, much more horrible. Some years ago I'm sure I posted something about Rondônia. For whatever reason I started looking for random things on Google Maps in hopes to discover an uncovered temple in south east Asia or maybe even Mel's hole, when I suddenly saw a huge weird structure in a country in the middle of South America. Very square mountains probably, there's no way all that is human made. Oh the humanity, zoom in and be amazed. It's absolutely f-ing ridiculous how much has been cut down in this area. Take a look to the right, even more vast areas of it. How many native inhabitants + animals were "relocated" for these fun exercises in development and improved living? I just cannot see myself buying a Pernambuco bow, no matter how many new such plants the luthiers plant. It's just the whole mentality of precious resources and how they fit in a huge world... I should also ponder the real footprint of a carbon fiber bow, but if all I ever do is ponder I'll never get another bow :p

Gosh dang it, I'm on vacation, I need to calm down. Time to sleep.

2017-09-05: I forgot about the WWII bomb in Frankfurt, I know some people nearby who might have had a forced weekend from working at the university. If that thing had gone off, the construction of FAIR would have been postponed even longer... That was kind of a joke, in several ways. Anyway, time to do some work on my vacation, gotta finish some teaching material.