Sunday 26 April 2015

Life goes on

Nothing much new, except I've been to Sweden twice now, only a few weeks apart. One week in Värnamo with my family for Easter, now for two weeks to finish off the muon sculpture thing at Chalmers.

The weather was exquisite this Sunday in Göteborg, so I took a ride out to Saltholmen, had a long walk-about, and took some pix:

Sweden's really nice at times. I really would have loved to have taken the ferry, but I had booked a table a bit too early at a restaurant, so I had to get back downtown rather early.

I play the violin, the guitars, I do some coding. Oh right, I bought a pair of these, the slime-green variant:
Saucony Kinvara 5
I should have taken photos, I know, but I didn't. Maybe after my first run, I bought them when I was ill and I didn't get well until I went to Göteborg. Will buy some practice books for the violin next, apparently there's a place in this city where they sell some recommended books for relatively little.

Tired, it was a long day, will take a shower and sleep.

EDIT (2015-05-06 (0:24)): Folded a little 30 years present, made out of... 30 modules! Each module is made out of 2 papers however, so 60 papers. But still 30 modules, for the 30 edges of an icosahedron. Cut and folded the paper in my hotel room in Poseidon, Vasastan in Göteborg. Pex:

I need to sleep now.