Thursday 11 November 2021

Seriously kanelbullar

I need to make some for work. This weekend. No excuses.

So I had a few days at CERN in the end. Was, eh, funny. Apparently experiments and beam times are equally chaotic almost everywhere I go... It's a great place, was nice to see my supervisors from yesteryear, but I'd prefer having more time there. Had to figure out most FOOT things on my own at GSI in the end, the detectors kinda run together now very much like the gang in Mad Max 2. I hope I get a micro break from it now that it's gone to Jülich, I really would like some quality me time the next few days. One intense day of work for a bunch of other things, then weekend. Oh dear violin I miss you so.

Made pumpkin pie with someone else, I've wanted to do that for many years and it finally happened! The spices remind me of ginger bread, was a nice autumn sweet. I need to do something with the remaining half before it rots, which it probably already started doing by now. I need to get out of this wheel.

My biorhythm has gone even deeper down the mud, but tonight is the night I go to bed before midnight. Really. Ok here I go.