Sunday 24 November 2013

The Scouser experience

I went to Liverpool for work, to listen to what the R3B collaboration have been, is, and will be up to. There will be a whole lot to do once I get there for sure. It will start as a post-doc position, but we'll see how that turns out (how living all alone yet again in a foreign will be like).

And Liverpool is of course Scouser-land. Ah luv di ak-chent dey go'h'ere, with that wonderful melody they have. I understood what most people said downtown, but proper hardcore super-Scouse, like what the guys in the University canteen spoke, is not English. At all. Honestly. I need to practice Scouse every now and then ;) Oh right, there were two ladies in the city who asked me questions for some petitions or whatever, and they only figured I'm not English once I told them after half a minute or so. So my British English isn't too bad, hooray.

The graphics project I'm currently working on requires better lighting, so I revisited my atmospheric scattering simulator. I managed to solve a few things and the new code is a little nicer, but getting everything including multi-order scattering to work is not exactly trivial. The new sky looks much smoother and prettier this time, I cannot wait until it's all in-engine and all objects are lit with the scattering LUT.

Playing the guitar on and off, trying to learn new things these days rather than self-satisfying myself with brain-implanted patterns. I need to change strings, I use the same rusty old wires that I used in my Ph.D. defense party, and they were old already back then...

Weather's nice, programming is progressing, the guitar is getting proper attention... If only I didn't have heart-ache (I'm not ill or anything, I just has a sad inside).