Friday 17 July 2015

Friends from far away, suddenly really close by!

Time for yet another stint in the US! Just like last time I'm staying in the house of a good friend of mine, and they're all really nice. It always strikes me how nice people are when going to both the US and Japan, and it shows immediately already on the plane. It's strange they get so much hate from the rest of the world (also strange how that politeness and niceness produce huge national debts).

I went to Sweden for a bit for my 30th birthday, didn't think much of it. But I took care of my nephew a bit, and he's already a pro at micro-naps. He puts his head in a couch or on the floor for 3 s and he's fully recharged, ready for action. It was tiring, but a bit motivating, I need to find that energy inside myself again.

While in Sweden, I decided to stay off my laptop for a bit. My interest in computers is slowly disappearing. I need to finish the things I want to have finished, before who knows what happens :p

I finally got hold of the "missing" violin books I ordered when I was in Sweden. I'll read through the Bach sonata/partita book from time to time to boost my violin interest. Oh my, do I want to be able to play the BVW 1004 or what... And I'm still playing without the shoulder rest. I tried a few times with, and even though it gets easier for my left hand and I can hold up the violin with just my head, the rest of my body does not like it much. I like the freedom.

Going to Japan for another month, August. I _completely_ forgot about the to-scale Gundam statue, gonna see that.

Time to do stuff!