Thursday 25 August 2022

Autumn peers through the key-hole

The new job is progressing, but it's not a straight line for the higher-ups. I sometimes feel like I get too much work-wise, but I suppose I've always paid back with decent work. People keep telling me to worry less... But I need to get an apartment fast :p

The move btw, oh wow, that was not fun. I hope I won't do that too often in the future. Some things are still not 100% resolved, but seem to be possible to do from abroad.

Stranger Things 4 was fine. The series will never reach season 1 quality again. To expand the story and wrap things up, everything happened because of a bad boy. Rather meh. Dare to be mystical. Some great moments, pleasant arcs, very pretty, with an overall simple plot. I'm sure I'll enjoy the last sprint to the end. But I've seen something else over the course of spring that I've enjoyed really, really a lot.

Gravity Falls. At least season 1, just finished it a few days ago. I knew absolutely nothing about it, someone close introduced it to me without spoilers. Even the theme song is dynamite. Amazing stuff, why can't there be more of this kind of visual entertainment? Watch it! I'm so glad I still have one more full season with proper closure, and no sequels, prequels, midquels, or whatever garbage that greedos squeeze out (and get paid for so it continues :/).

Saw the Atomium from a plane, that brought back some memories. We should build some "silly" monuments from time to time, it's very invigorating.

Working my way through Dune and Anna Karenina. I watched one of the fan re-edits of the unholy Lynch version of Dune just before starting the book (one day I'll see the Villeneuve version), and it sure is a kooky film, but the atmosphere and music are great. The book oscillates between being too simplistic while explaining the thoughts of main characters, to building a really great universe. Overall I'm enjoying it most of the time, but some parts I trudge through. Anna Karenina is certainly the better crafted work, but I'm getting overloaded by the fancy clothes and carnal desires. I'm also enjoying it, but in very different ways :)

Been looking at barefoot shoes in the last few months. I've been thinking for some years how uncomfortable and stupid many shoes, and how too extreme the Vibram 5-finger shoes are, then suddenly the more normal-looking alternatives popped up in a yt video (ooh I can learn things from there?!). Didn't pull the trigger yet, went from Vivo, to Merrell, to I don't remember the rest, to Freet, let's see if I dare to. Funny side-note, some very old sandals from Japan turned out to be Merrells with a Vibram sole. Sometimes, just sometimes, the world is small.

Right, I played violin on a beach! A rather stony one, with loud waves to mask the horror that I summon with my instrument. Recommended!

There's more rattling around inside my cage of dreams and fading memories, but some things I need to keep to myself ;)

EDIT 2022-08-26: For some reason I decided to keep Karate Kid in the background while doing some other things, and was wondering "why are the pupils taking off and putting on their bags before joining the crowd in school"? Oh wait... I cannot put words on my thoughts, it's just so bleak. How can anything justify that? Oh well, just needed that off my chest, I think there was a mention of this in my last post. Another thought, half a year of war and those news are creeping further and further down the papers. Gotta focus, but not forget.