Saturday 10 February 2024

This entry lay dormant since September

It's been a while! 2024, here we go!

I just finished Return to Monkey Island, and it's pretty darn good. Felt a lot, and decided it's time to dump parts of my brain here. I then found this dusty old draft, which I'll get through first:

Mando, Boba, Obi, Ahsoka, all best enjoyed on second order to protect thyself. And not in the intended way, I'm supposing. I recommend EFAP in small doses. Then there's the hidden and tucked away Andor, which is really good. I finally felt some things in a Star Wars setting since the OT. Didn't much like "six years, hah-hah" and "Tungstoid steel" (I cringed into a ball), but that's sci-fi I guess. No darths, no lightsabers, no jedi force push or mind reading (if I remember correctly), just lots of struggling characters that use their noggin' to various extents. Nice

Going through Return to Monkey Island. Grumpy Gamer sure is an international treasure, and Dave Grossman and the team too. Also, Yahtzee, you're not, grow up.

Well that was all I had drafted, I'll continue with the game. Maybe the best in the series? Art style is what it is. I liked it, it's better than all the triple-A bloomy raytraced gurgle. Sharp with smooth and dynamic animations, and the designs fit the personalities for me. Prepare your pitchforks: It looks better than Curse. The music is very soothing. LuChuck's fiery side is a little tame, but overall the voice work is spot on. And the ending. Reminds me of Firewatch, in that one camp hates that kind of ending, the other camp loves it. You don't slay the dragon, you don't get the girl because in this case you're already with her, everything is not wrapped up neatly with bowties, meaning all characters actually live on and are in fact less disposable. Come to think of it, it also reminds me of the final ending of The Wire, and y'all know how much I lurv that. What was expected? Finding the secret, or not, so that there will be more sequels? Sailing into the sunset with Elaine (well that's an alternative ending), with Murray being evil which is sooo cute? Have a party with the cool characters while the others are redeemed or end up on Terror Island? Those final seconds of Guybrush going into his inner self, either enjoying the moment or still dreaming of that other life, was an amazing end. Now, everybody, LEAVE IT AT THAT. Feel a little, think a little.

My favourite part? There were some good jokes, loved the mop tree gag, but no. Standing in the middle of the street, choosing to say "I feel better just talking to you." "Me too." It's weird how the years make a simple exchange like that in a slapstick game mean so much. But the developers knew what they were doing :) Top game.

Oppenheimer... Was ok. I preferred Veritasium's 30 min yt-docu.

Started watching the X Files from the beginning. Wow it's super 90's and the main actors are a lot worse than I remember... But it's still fun, government conspiracies and aliens will never not give.

Oh right, the one Ring has finally been cast into Mount Doom, and there's still enough for a whole book left. Wowee.

Celtic Dueling Violins is slowly getting faster (huhu). So much fun.

Hum, what else. Triangle of Sadness is fun. A few scenes are a bit much. But I'll remember it for a long time, especially the ending with that music.

I'm sure there was a lot more going on, but I try to cover what suits this place the most (: Let's see how long the next one takes.