Thursday 13 September 2012

Back home

Finally back home in Sweden, been here almost two weeks now.
Friends have been forcing me out to run recently. I remember 5 km was a real pain back in high school, so I was a bit worried. Smoked 10800 m in under an hour last Saturday without stopping, kinda proud over myself :) I'm getting better with age, just like cheese... Ran again two days, only 5.2 km and at a friendly pace for 3-4 km, but then took off but only got in at a measly ~28.40. Today I did 7.2 km by myself in 16+17 min which, if I may say so myself, is pretty impressive for a sludge like me :D

Been going nuts on the guitar, it's feeling my rage fueled by my summer pains. Trying to hammer the thing like SRV did back in the day.

Trying out unique textures in a terrain engine, pretty good stuff. I see now why Rage was so darn quick, the terrain shader/s is/are really simple. The texture composition required a worker thread, so now we have that to do detached heavy processing. Now to figure out how to do the transitions, possibly by keeping parent textures. This code is gonna be massively complicated. Also added some extra fractal detail, since we have ~20 cm/vertex for the finest patches.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but there's always the edit button...

EDIT (09-14): Found some pics on my camera, thought I'd upload for people just browsing around looking for anything to fill their heads with. Origami figures I left at CERN, a seafood evening with my parents in Ferney (seafood in Ferney? wat) and all my stuff packed in my Ferney apt, the day before we left:

From Scrapbook Photos

Going alone to the US tomorrow!

Two more nutty things to add:
Just learnt, from John Carmack's Twitter of all places, that Neil Armstrong is dead. From that same Twitter feed, I learnt about how Dennis Ritchie had died. I saw _nothing_ of Neil Armstrong when I browsed through I wanna utter the most powerful and devastating sigh in the history of mankind, but what's the point... :p

Also, read an old post of mine, mentioning how I would stay away from shredding. Didn't work for long to be honest. But I am trying a whole lot of other things still, but there's always a little shredding in every song I do. Wouldn't be me playing otherwise.

EDIT (09-16): In Nortville, just outside Detroit, in my friend's family house which is impressive to say the least. Had a typical american breakfast (toast, peanut butter and jelly...), now back on my laptop to put slackware64-current on a USB stick. Wireless thingie too new for 13.37...

I've figured it's not about "forgetting", like some people have tried to convince me of. You cannot forget. I don't want to forget. The memories are wonderful, they are not the problem. You have to give up something that can keep you going through hell and succeed, or that can make you go through hell and then leave you there: hope. Whenever I give up, I feel 'fine' (lonely as always ofc, but at least I can work). When for the weirdest reasons hope does return briefly, my chest cavity springs open like on a cuckoo clock. Time won't make me forget, time will make all hope wither away, I hope. Maybe that'll be a good lesson for me, in many ways.