Sunday 18 December 2022

Media dump

Had a flu, was difficult to focus on work, so I consumed some media. Some time ago I watched the first episode of Rings of Power with some friends. My initial impression was it was boring, vapid, and an excuse for random people to make something for a rabid fan-base. Pointless, esp. considering the quality of the original lore and the Jackson trilogy. So rather than watching any more I've relied on EFAP to fill me in. How, seriously how, can series like this keep getting made? The money, the material, the talents, and the best they can cobble together is this? I'm fed up with GoT for various reasons, but the dragon show seems to have been ok. Oh right, one good thing came of this atrocity, I started reading the books again. Merry and Pippin just met Treebeard. So cute.

Finally played Mirror's Edge. Wow, what a curse-fest that was. Kinda pretty, the music was great. The plot, the Battlefield control feel, the fighting, the "BAM didn't see that coming, did you?! Reload!" sequences, made me so incredibly, amazingly angry. Maybe wasn't healthy, I was supposed to relax to recover from my flu. Fortunately it only took 5h to beat and I won't look back, but I'll put on the OST at some point, I'm sure.

Then I found two short puzzlers in my weird library: Puzzle Agent 2 and Gorogoa. Pretty sure I've written about Puzzle Agent 1 earlier, funny little mystery with simple self-contained puzzles scattered throughout. This installment continues and resolves the mystery. If you like some silly with a fun story, recommended. Gorogoa is something very different, reminds me of the experimental games in the glorious 90s. Interesting, felt a bit inconsistent sometimes as to the available actions. Imho the best parts were some of the poignant parts of the story, immediately sentimental somehow.

Will go to work tomorrow to pick something up, but probably won't work close to other people. I feel fine, but I'd rather not risk anybody's Christmas vacation, plus there's more diseases ravaging our society out there... I'm lucky to have such a remote-able job. Ait, time to read a little!