Monday 17 July 2023

Get Psyched, again

Wait, that's another game. Anyway, I'm a bit bummed out now that I didn't back Psychonauts 2, because what an absolutely amazing game that is. Sequels to legendary games scare me, but Double Fine did it. Overall, the first game is still the pinnacle, but I have almost nothing to complain about with the follow-up. Ehh, what am I saying, I have to nag about something: the ending feels very disconnected from the beginning, the teenagers disappear rather quickly and are replaced by the old geezers, and overall the "sentimental" angle goes on for too long. Everything else is tip top. Both games super highly recommended, even though they are super annoying 3D platformers :p Sound effects and music are my notification sounds now.

Tenet is great. Finally, a good film by Nolan! *hides*

Have slowly gone through Tokyo Vice and just finished the first season. Editing isn't great, I think a few characters are stupid and annoying, and there's too much grown-up hugging. But it has its moments, pretty much exclusively with the Japanese characters.

Why was there so much hoolabaloo about Succession? It was fine and snappy, but did very little for me. I'm not into money and power plays. All I remember from the infamously poppy dialogue is "Hi! Hey! Hi. Wow. You dig dickbutt?" Bah.

The Deadwood film is ok, and compared to the series it's just meh. The dialogue and delivery is so forced and cronge, and imho so is the overall story and new character plots. The series is excellent as it is, even with its abrupt end.

Saw the Boss live! Was never a fan, and imho I'm not a fan of the studio albums, but the show was great fun. The highlights were definitly when "Born in the USA" and "Born to Run" came up back to back, plus his new melancholic acoustic song to round off the evening. Brucey is old, but Brucey rocks, a lot. Psychonauts 2 is orders of magnitude more value for the money though.

I need to fold some stuff, just need to find a free evening to do it. First my own plans, then some super old requests.

I've had some other things bouncing around my head, but they've bounced out I suppose. Until next time, enjoy high summer!

Tuesday 11 April 2023

z0ze all the way to egg time

Wow I've been slacking, no good.

2023, another not so interesting number, except when spelled z0ze it reminds me of Soos and that makes me happy.

Let's see, I'm still going slowly through bookie LotR, and so are Frodo and Sam. They just passed Minas Morgul, and although I like the depiction in the films there's something special about reading about it in a book. A sickly light with windows as portals into the darkness. And the ringwraith boss doesn't pose on his dragon, he fronts the troops like a proper boss. I'd love to watch the super duper extended versions.

Since I got HBO Max I've watched quite a few things, with some radical takes. I'll start with something pretty crazy about True Detective that will put me in grave danger: s1 is aesthetically great with great pacing, great acting, great everything filmsy wordsy whatever, but s2, as kooky as it is, is better. Yep, I'm officially a dead man. I will not even explain my take (:

Finished Silicon Valley. It did indeed lose steam and Jarald got too much free reign, and although I didn't like where it went overall the last scene is pretty good. First couple of seasons are solid.

Oh right Dune. So easy to forget :p I'm already a dead man so whatever. Not at all waiting eagerly for the continuation. Fine but meh. The Spicediver edit is better.

The Suicide Squad is pretty much where DC should not go. I see why they do, trying to jazz up their darkness, but I'm getting old and grumpy and they should not do what they're doing.

Paddington was a nice surprise. I always thought it'd be garbage, I liked it a lot.

Batman. What can be said that hasn't been said about the lunatic billionaire that dresses up as a bat and fights crime with his gizmos and fists. Serious notes aside, was fine, nowhere near the Joker though. That, is what DC should do.

Tenet is back! On my to-watch list.

I feel like I'm missing something, but whatever, films and series are not that important in the end. Ah yes, house of the dragonses, HBO has recommended ep 3 or 4 for a couple of months now.

Regarding games, Senua is pretty amazing. Unfortunately the fighting, although starting great, loses steam fast and ends up being a game of patience. I need to cross the bridge at some point, ie I've only played 3-4 hours.

I'm getting more fluent with Gymnopedie 1, but considering I don't have the piano at my usual place it obviously takes a while. Need to pick up my violin more, need more gusto.

Alright enough, gotta work!