Tuesday 1 March 2022

Hmm... 2022...

Didn't do the annual intro post. Then suddenly we have another worst year ever. Coinkidonk?

I won't discuss the obvious topic, because there's better fora for that, and I personally cannot add anything helpful. And regarding fora vs forums, the former is only used by pretentious horrible people according to comments on various English grammar sites, so fits me perfectly.

Looked up the properties of the number 2022, and it is incredibly mundane. What a contrast.

Watched Arcane while working on things, was good. Some nice moments, and even though it was nicely made, it had a tangible aura of cookie-cutter. Difficult to explain. It made some maybe bold choices considering media nowadays, but they were all exactly what one would expect. Nothing great, but good, especially for something based on a game, tends to be very silly. Also started with Archive 81 for something random and different that I hadn't heard about before. Had an interesting premise, then suddenly demon faces show up on TV:s and everything goes supernatural, and I clocked out, that's just too stupid. It has the same problem as little girls or singing kids in horror films, how are they a threat?

My mind's overloaded from work again, so not sure what else to say, just, good luck to us all. Once in a while I should allow myself to end on a dark note :p