Monday 28 February 2011


The big thing this time is that my interest for real time approximate radiosity has received a major boost, mostly due to seeing Geomerics at work in BF3. A few days ago, DiCE released a video showcasing very short snippets from inside the game apparently and it looks really nice. I read up quickly on the current status of real time global illumination methods and started up my own gears upstairs and I have one idea I'd like to try out. It should require relatively little preprocessing and not only allow dynamic lights and objects to receive radiosity, but to actually affect it as well. Imagine a big sci fi ship descending into a dock with radiosity working that scene. Bold ideas, no demo ;) FreeGLUT and hard code to the rescue.

Still waiting for the foils hardware...

I have played way too little guitar lately. I want a proper amp and cabinet alt. combo, a Marshall plexi 1959 or 1987 or a Fender Deluxe... Dunno how often I would power it up though, considering how careful I am with not disturbing my neighbours.

Been playing a fair bit of Titan Quest on weekend evenings with my brother, pretty fun. Act IV sure is one major step up in difficulty compared to the rest, love it. That one double headed dog boss was a pain though, went relatively quickly once my brother and I set up a dirty quick swap strategy and tickled it to death. Anyway, I really like the potential in combining so many masteries, but some masteries feel too similar. Piercing and poison are crazy powerful too, whereas red hot burning pieces of stone are like flies coughing at you. TQ bosses are too easy. Some funny balancing issues, otherwise a really neat game.