Thursday 21 May 2020

It lives

Ignoring all the obvious real-life topics, because there's enough coverage of varying quality of them and I don't have any better insight, I finally watched They Live. Fun, pretty good, not amazing, it's like a futuristic simpler version of Hypernormalisation.

Comandante C40 is really expensive, but it really is a lot nicer than my old Porlex. Years of pining with a toyish tool makes me appreciate the real deal a lot. To be fair, the Porlex is really good, but it does feel cheaper and the grind is notably worse. I'd recommend it over the C40 for a beginner, it's probably enough for most, and it handles the arch nemesis of coffee grinderers, static, better than the C40. Red-listed trees and various other arguments made me choose the bamboo version, I hope I didn't mess that up. Also bought a funny little scale, the Tanita KD320, which can measure in 0.1g steps immediately from 0g. First thing I did was to try to weigh the plastic wrapper in which the batteries came in, 0.4g. I didn't find any other kitchen scale that can do that, not even the lovely g&g scales, although they have better precision all the way up to 3kg (depending on the model, but I shant complicate tings). The Tanita looks like a piece of kitchen equipment from my childhood too, I had to have it. Oh crap, They Live, I see it now!

Been playing around with Vulkan again, it gets easier after simply accepting some of the initial torrents of code plus making building blocks of common features. Extending shader features and textures etc was easy after the initial steps. Reminds me of a second job tho...

Had a few amazing violin sessions where 1006 Bourrée and Gigue sounded divine, quite a few more not so nice sessions :p The kind of up-hill battle that one wants to fight.

Just met Strider. The Libra is really much more convenient than a printed book, I be a happy blind consumer.

Let's see what happens in the near future, I'd like to see my home land again one day...