Monday 16 May 2016

So, Doom 4

I suddenly noticed yt was flooded with Doom 4 videos (yeah that's right, Doom 4, not Doom), that's how I learnt about its release... I was always skeptical, and after having watched quite a bit of it, still am. Now, it looks like an incredibly fun and good-looking way of increasing your blood pressure and I'd love to try, but it reminds me more of Q2/4 than Doom. Quake 2 was the unholy merger of flesh and machine, Doom and Quake were foremost fleshy and strange with a few robotic limbs later on. And they really went for that stupid Cyberdemon design. The Spider Mastermind is just a touch better, but it's all still rather Blizzardy, cuddly, and silly. Where's the bleakness, horror, and twisted things? Why do games have to be either red hot orange or stone cold blue? It's very gory, but it's not sick. I've probably watched too much trash since I played Doom when I was a kid. Anyway, whenever the price goes down a bit, I'll have a blast and I think I'll love it. It's just not Doom :p

Bought white and green asparagus straight from the fields for my weekend. Or rather, from the farm shop close to my workplace. I prefer just a small amount of melted butter to Hollandaise sauce, it's lighter somehow if that makes any sense... But the greens are still my favorite. Also tried my homemade sauerkraut today, which is surprisingly easy to make. Every day I was fearing the return of the killer mold, but the sauerkraut held its own in its glass jar. I'll make a little more next time, and let it sour up quite a bit more as well.

Beam time soon. Will be busy busy, didn't get to do what I was supposed to do the last few weeks because of general stupid.

Learning to play the violin takes time. I get better at things, slowly, but man, does it take time... I'm looking at my overall progress rather than the set of insignificant tunes that I can at all render, since I already know my main goal. Most importantly, when it goes well, it's amazing, and that's why I keep at it.