Saturday 23 March 2019

Boing boing

Because it's spring! Funs with puns. The weather turned around very quickly last week, I should get out again and see some more sun.

We broke the 40 kHz barrier, quite a difference from 12 kHz. 8 us event acceptance dead-time between a pair of events, so we should be able to get a lot out of the terrible micro structure of the beam, readout dead-time is still at ~21 us.

Will go once more to Riken in May. Collecting and documenting things that we need to bring is quite tedious, but not so bad for another "free" trip! Unnngh, the food, cannot wait!

And while on the subject of Japan, I watched Mob Psycho 100 again, learnt very recently that season 2 has been out for some time. Great show, with values I like that somehow clash with what I hear from many people. Makes me happy. Might be time to refresh some Ghibli memories.

Feel a bit stuck with the violin progress, I need to try something new. I should open up another book, that tends to help to rekindle my fascination. And pick up my guitars from time to time, would be a waste to let go of all of that.

Oh right, it's still sunny outside, gonna go catch some of it. Jaa ne!

Sunday 3 March 2019

Phase-0 is here

Commissioning and first experiment done, potentially the first FAIR phase-0 experiments! One month of work and we'll have one more! Can't wait to destroy my daily rhythm again.

Preparations were relatively good this time around, I think we're slowly turning things around. Things break left and right all the time (I'm still puzzled why people think it's weird that things suddenly break), to varying degrees, whatever can be ready should be made ready.

And tomorrow I need to get up early for the annual medical inspection, a nice perk for radiation workers. I'll sleep during the work week :p

I'll have time to play violin today, wohoo!