Sunday 3 February 2013

Gearing up for the showdown

Writing, doing coursework and not much else, must mean I'm close to having my fifth academic degree. In Sweden we have Bachelor, Master, Civilingenjör, Licentiat and Doctor. Working slowly on upgrading the light organ artwork in the Chalmers physics building, need to look up some atmospheric muon shower simulations before I go much further with that. Started with a course in interstellar matter, I had forgotten how amazing space is. Too big for me though, I prefer to dream about it. And the Beta-NMR has been moved out of the way for the HIE-ISOLDE upgrade.

I finally bought protection and a new (expensive!) saddle for my bike, ready to trek the Swedish freeride routes. Can't wait to take it out for a new spin. Should've bought a new saddle for the Juras.

Tuned down my acoustic for some Busted Bicycle and playing around with Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the NCST.

Other than that I have surprisingly little to say. Well, I'm learning a little Japanese almost every day.

Let's hope February will be a tad bit more spectacular, eh?

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