Thursday 11 July 2013

Yet another birthday

I don't think much about my birthday these days, the administrator at work reminded me yesterday. So I took off a little earlier than usual to make sure I could cram in a shopping and baking session in the evening. Petit choux filled to the brim with wonderful créme de la mousseline, and a few more with the same filling but mixed with dark rum (cheap Negrita rum, I'm not really a rum connoiseur). I asploded one of the choux with the runnier rum créme and the only food disposer in this apt is my mouth, plus I wasn't exactly graceful with the pastry bag when done... Under the influence even before I go to work, excellent. And yet again the cashier in Systemet asked for my ID, 7 years in and still going strong :D Found some expensive Montrachet, maybe another time.

A better-than-expected photo on my balcony for the fellow surfer:

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