Thursday 25 February 2016

Behold, the cube

This is the only thing that's happened lately, took a tour today in the newly built Green Cube IT facility at GSI. Some random pics:

Oh right, I have a contract at the University from the 1st of March, which is kind of ironic. I hope.

And I'm going to Japan again, this time in spring! Cherry blossoms, here I come! Got quite a few things to work on over there though, so we'll see if I manage to squeeze any photos out of the trip.

Also, having a big talk next week. About things I don't really know about, so I've been reading up lately. Fun.

Almost 1/5th through Wohlfahrt. Hill dark rosin works very well, I have no need for anything else. The Götz fine tuner works a treat, and the Pirastro Gold E does sound pretty nice, even on my cheap student violin. Quite a bit further ahead in Sakurai. Slow but steady on all fronts.

Tried Taylor of Old Bond Street Rose shaving cream, man does that lather up fast. Going through a sampler pack of blades too, Feather is indeed very sharp compared to others.

Enough of this :)

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