Sunday 20 May 2018

Fake vacation

Went to Dubrovnik for a Collaboration Workshop, a very nice place. The three best things were the City Wall (a good challenge for people with vertigo), going up the mountain (another challenge but not so intense), and the seafood. I missed Lokrum, that would probably have been nice. They're milking Game of Thrones way too much, at least for someone who doesn't care for it ;) And, how could I have lived with myself, calling myself a nerd, if I hadn't had gone to the Sponza atrium. Somehow we managed to get in for free, and there were hardly anybody there, so I took a lot of reference photos. The next floor was closed though, these days it's an archive for centuries old documents that should be kept away from grubby hands. I tried to walk along the coast on the last day, not so easy, but I got to break in my Fjällräven Abisko Friluft. Very comfortable, although I was thinking maybe I should have gotten the women's size, the fins don't hug me very well... Some pix (too lazy to align them nicely):

As for the actual workshop, or rather the meeting, we really have a huge job ahead of us until the commissioning run in October. Two weeks in Sweden coming up, then I'll probably have not a single day of vacation until the end of the year :)

VIOLIN! I haven't played for a week, argh! But first, oatmeal with a mug of coffee.

EDIT 2018-05-21: Overdosed a bit on the violin practice yesterday, I should do that more often. And yet again I figured it really helps to not play for a short period of time, feels like some bad habits wane. Most probably it's an increase of motivation after a little break. Pentecost holiday in Germany today, so I'll play a little more, and probably work a bit from home.

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