Monday 17 September 2018

First page done

No, I didn't just finish reading my first page in a book ever, not sure when that's gonna happen. First page on Project Euler! Progress is pretty slow, but I tend to solve a few problems in one shot once or twice a year, sometimes with many years in-between. I did solve #48 in just a few minutes, it can be brute forced since higher significant digits have no influence on the lower. I also use these twisters as a means of playing around with Lua, the prettiest littliest language. I've noticed a lot of people write their solutions simply to get the right number to post, but I get the most joy out of making every solution run in less than a second (with LuaJIT... ye I'm a cheet), and to actually verify solutions when asked, e.g. #44.

Because I'm tight I didn't buy the armband for my Seiko yet, i.e. no photo...

Gave up on BWV1001 for now, focusing on 1004 and 1006 gigues and some etudes which I still find very difficult to play.

And no beam for experiments this year :( Might get a few hours of silver towards the end of the year for testing, so anyhow we need to be 100% ready to go. I should plan my ~30 days of vacation (mhm, 6 weeks, how do people spend that?) that I still have this year, and to find a new place to stay, should've done that a long time ago.

Been playing around with Vulkan. Not sure what to say. Was it really necessary to force that ridiculous amount of code? I should do something more useful with my life :p

Like going to sleep. First a big peach, which I forgot to eat earlier even though I love them, then I'll go to sleep.

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