Wednesday 24 April 2019


So, how do I do this without spoilers... Well, it was pretty good, a great end to it all. Some annoying habits here and there, and of course since it's the last one the ending was drawn out forever and gave me a near fatal Hollywood sugary overdose. Sometimes they just don't understand what the audience already feel and keep hammering. But I had fun. Still cannot believe the midnight preview is two days earlier in Europe than the US. I was about to write something about Captain Marvel's role in the film, but that would have been spoily. That whole topic is odd though, good intentions taken too far in all camps.

Now that this is over, it seems like our movie nights will continue with Star Wars first. Some say that Marvel is the Star Wars for the current generation, and I can kind of see that, however there are many more cinematic highlights in Star Wars. I cannot think of a really good one in the Marvel films right now. Hulk smashing Loki in the ground vs Luke in the final duel against his father? Myeeeeah... Maybe, maybe something in Endgame that I cannot describe, but it was so simple and obvious. No, Star Wars is still at the top.

Well that was it, time to sleep (4 in the morning now, ugh) so I can work a little tomorrow.

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