Saturday 7 September 2019

Another clean slate

It's that time again. New PoE league, i.e. a clean slate with characters and items together with friends who live far, far away. And what do you know, got a Tabula Rasa on the first day :D Good easy life. Oh right, it forced the integrated graphics so I had to go for 1024x768 the whole evening, I hope that's fixed today. Oh, the nvidia thingamajig didn't know anything about the 64-bit version of PoE and thought Intel will be sufficient.

Family members have had some surgeries in the last few years, feels a bit strange to be so far away when those things happen. Why is everything so far away for me? :p

Things were a bit passive at work and the collaboration meetings were rather pointless. Two of us started sending some e-mails and it seems like things are moving, although we had to keep asking and listening to know. Could be a coincidence, but in any case there's no point complaining and having wonderful ideas of a utopic work life like most people do if one does not poke and irritate the people who need to spring into action. Always offer a hand when you poke and people will be fine, don't tell them "do this and that and now it's off my table".

Well that's it, need to do Saturday chores now.

EDIT 2019-09-08: So, got another Tabula Rasa. Gave it to the guy in the group who plays a ranger and dies all the time :) Seriously though, 2 of them during the first 3 days of the new league? Nuts.

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