Saturday 5 October 2019


Went out with co-workers to pick mushrooms yesterday. It's been many years since the last time I did that with my family. Funny how the parasol mushroom is regarded highly in Sweden, but down here it grows like weeds. Tried it today, was alright. The porcini is a lot nicer, found a few of those plus some of its bolete cousins. After the adventure in the woods we gathered at one couple's place and had dinner, drinks, and chatted for 11 hours straight until the first bus in the morning... It was a great day + evening, but the next day was tough. Cleaned the mushrooms today which is really boring, but boy is it worth it. I need to make sure I actually use the dried up mushrooms, I tend to keep things like that for too long.

BWV1001 Adagio is not as hard as I thought, and it's one of my favs. Next on my list!

EDIT: 2019-10-05: Made cinnamon rolls with co-workers this afternoon, they're really great straight out of the oven. Somehow we binged s1 of Silicon Valley too, I forgot how great that series is, and how wrong so many jokes are. Good stuff. Together with the IT crowd they are the only two nerdy series I really like.

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