Thursday 6 February 2020

Quality time

Having a week off work, not reading e-mails and having my phone on "do not disturb" so I reply to people only when I feel like it. Lovely idea. Somehow people are fine with me behaving like this, I keep a few slow conversations and have been invited for dinner tomorrow. I know some nice people for sure. Was hoping to do some soul searching for my future, but it doesn't seem to bloom out. I might take a bike ride deep into the forest (the forests here aren't as deep as in Sweden though, so I need to plan ahead) one day and just let my mind travel.

Just watched Porco Rosso since Netflix brought in a small set of the Ghibli films recently, it's the one that I lost on the way somehow. They're all in a league of their own, I'm in such a warm wonderful mood right now. Just like the SW OT, 2001, Blade Runner etc. If only the industry could stop remaking and sequeling and prequeling so we can see good original stuff again. Oh right, I forgot about Joker, that was nice. It's never that simple in the end.

Made a new sourdough starter, goes quick. Bought lots of cheese and pizza toppings, so I'll try sourdough pizza. I should make some sauerkraut too, I've collected a few large glass jars.

Finished the Hobbit last week, not sure what to think. Not as silly as the films which was nice, and I thought the descriptive language was a little vague even though I've heard people think it's too much. I painted some nice views in my head while reading it, that were quite different from the films. But, I didn't learn much about the characters, that bit felt a bit rushed. Again, one must consider that it's a children's book. So, it was nice, not great. I'm currently reading a small book called Omon Ra, lent to me by a co-worker. Russians call it satire, I initially felt it's my stereotypical perception of Russia after having visited the place a few times. The tone is definitely satirical however. Only half-way through and the plan is clear by now, but I have no idea how it's gonna play out, so I should get back to reading it!

We got the full Inky Kraken set for our boat in Sea of Thieves! Taking a break with Deep Rock Galactic right now, the music is so nice. All the mining made me think of 7DTD, I made some proper Moria caves under our bases a couple of times, maybe we'll try that too.

Another two days off, then weekend, then commissioning run and experiment. Four more days to sleep ;)

EDIT 2020-02-08: Omon Ra finished. The ending makes about 50/50 sense, if one takes the whole book into account. I see what the author aimed for, but it's a strange feeling to end on for me. Overall a fun thing to read, if one can stomach some darkness. In contrast, there's a few moments in Black Lagoon that I've been watching recently that's a lot deeper, stuck between all the annoying anime tropes. Perhaps I should actually read some manga, I never tried. Anyways guys (super niche meme), I've acquired a taste for reading, it's like a gentle cleansing workout for the mind, so I'll just keep going at it!

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