Tuesday 20 October 2020

Some light business

After that heavy last post, something fun:

Horse by Komatsu Hideo, I've wanted to fold this for some time. Turned out ok. I don't want to shape it too much, at some point one could simply scrunch up wet paper and shape it to look like anything. Part of the charm with origami for me is how paper can be transformed with straight lines into complex and/or pretty figures. The paper's rather dark, because it's late and origami-shop didn't have any light colored papers left, I'd have preferred a lighter hue that's easier to look at. The paper is one quarter of a 70x70 cm2 biotope sheet, and at the start I thought "this is a bit big", then "hmm, this looks way too small", and at the end "perfect!" I'm a bit rusty at judging paper size and I never tried biotope before. This paper is almost like cloth, it's soft and feels "full/warm" but holds creases quite well, and most importantly you'd need a strong-man to tear this apart by hand. There's a lot of layers around the lower back and most other paper would have folded (pun intended, hah!). Paper such stronk. Reminds me of traditional Japanese origami paper, but smoother and heavier. I prefer mulberry with methylcellulose methinks, it's lighter and the creases are nicer but it's not as forgiving. I'll finish all my sheets though, no problem.

Now what shall I fold with all the other paper...

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