Monday 4 October 2021

No kanelbullar!

Oh no. I forgot about the beautiful Swedish cinnamon roll day, the 4th of October. Hmm, gotta find time one evening this week to make some. I haven't been cooking or baking anything "nice" for a very long time, only upheld the basics. Started looking around a little lately, I should learn more simple things to expand my miniscule repertoire.

Looks like I'll spend a week at CERN to figure out ALPIDE and FOOT, and then another 2-3 weeks at JINR for more short-range correlations. That's almost too much traveling, and those two places require more preprations than I'd like. Anyway, I'll do my best to enjoy it.

Musafia Luxury Classic Dart looks amazing... Gotta git gewd. And gotta fix my biorhythm, it's in the gutter :p

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