Tuesday 14 June 2022

Crazy spring

Who could've thunk Covid would fizzle out and things would still be pretty bad?

Well, on a global scale anyway, with conflicts, insane inflation, a resurgence of anti gun violence which is somehow also fizzling out already in the newspapers, the surprise surge of travelers after covid etc.

Oh well, I'm almost out of this place for something new, some light! I'm so fed up and tired I only feel the excitement sometimes, but it's sufficient. So many things to take care of though, ugh. Around 40 days of leave from last year + this year up until the end of August, neat, almost 2 months of paid leave :D

Somehow Stranger Things 4 passed me by, I heard about it somewhere in the background noise of an experimental campaign, I should give it a whirl. Oh right, work-related stuff. Two experiments went ok this time, although we're still far from any kind of pleasant or "pretty" operations. Joined a guided tour of the new Targethalle at FAIR afterwards. Cute, big shiny hall with many puddles of water, will be great.

I cannot really think of much that I'll miss after I've left. I thought maybe the beer, but I didn't have much at all lately. Maybe some of the artificial vistas, the many criss-crossing forest paths are quite convenient for small trips, but I prefer the wildy wildy of Sweden. The relatively inexpensive restaurants with pretty decent food, at least compared to regular Swedish restaurants, I might miss those.

Only took 3 months, and now maybe another 3, will be busy moving and figuring out what to do with lots of time on my hands :) (I have some nice travel plans already though!)

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