Wednesday 5 October 2022

New book

Rather than turning a new page I've turned to a new book. It's so nice to not work in a cave every day, although I cannot say I like the office yet since I'm still looking for an apartment... I have the office key at least. Trudging through a stack of papers, I feel so rusty.

Been holding off on saying anything about a 1.5 year old hobby: piano playing! As usual I spent a lot of time digging, in this case probably for more than half a year, looking for an alternative to the violin. I really love the trumpet and like the idea of using my lungs to produce sound, but it's so loud and gross with all the spit. I had a full trumpet setup in the basket in an online shop and hovered the buy-button, but changed my mind. So, went for a white Roland FP30X + DP10 instead, great kit. It has a less "dreamy" sound than what's offered by other brands and I prefer it that way. I somehow felt all demos resembled real piano recordings more than the others that sounded a lot more repetitive and synthesised. Supposedly the action is more accurate too, but I know nothing. Each to their own! My solution is to not care about the gear any more and just play! Did a lot of exercises and very simple songs in the beginning (job + lots of hobbies...), but this summer I learnt all of Minuet and finally went from 20% to 95% of Gymnopedie 1, my first milestone. Next will probably be Arabesque (it's better than Clair de Lune *hides*). Violin-wise I need to open up Sevcik 1 and torture myself, looking forward to that.

Regarding other GAS (no, not the natural kind, topic too flammable (I am (not) sorry)), I suddenly got curious about noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds *sigh*. Fortunately I'm happy with my el cheapo Logi m185, I'll prolly keep that for a long time, although I should have tried the model with the silent buttons. No I shouldn't have, forget!

I quit Netflix, for now. Hardly used it since I left Germany. Will get a cheap mobile contract instead, seems ubiquitous in Sweden with all the cool apps and networking.

Enough of this, gonna continue reading papers, my eyes are not burning yet -_-

EDIT 2022-10-10:Wait what, the game Routine is back?! 8D

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