Friday, 1 January 2021


zozi ~= susy -> finally evidence for super symmetry this year? Let's hope!

As for 2020, hum not much to say is there? Shows how well the previous "happy new year" worked :p

I don't do resolutions, not sure what I've written about that before, but we should all keep looking above the horizon and aim there. The angle shouldn't be too steep, but it should be upwards!

Monday, 28 December 2020

Yule 2020

I forgot this! The smallest and calmest Christmas celebration I've yet seen, left more room than usual for farther (and maybe deeper?) reaching contemplation. I've enjoyed the solitude this year, but I understand many haven't as much, I hope it's been ok still.

Schradieck is painful -_- Is this the best way to round off an important annual post? Yes. Well, could end with saying that I've started working on BWV1004 Gigue again, lovely energetic piece.

Monday, 7 December 2020

So much chess

Except there wasn't much chess? Just finished Queen's Gambit, took my time with it since it was a nice watch, and it's been praised left and right. Overall fine, but the last episode was incredibly rushed and the protagonist unlocked her super-power on a whim. Anime battles are more complex. And as is usual, the main topic, the game of chess, felt like a vessel for the real story, with character and envirmontal development, although there was pretty much only character development here. I enjoyed the characters, it was all quite straightforward without crazy twisterinos. Add cool thematic jargon, snazzy clothes and wallpapers, no insight at all into what is going on with the main subject, and that's the recipe we all know and love. Oh right, the protagonist is an intuitive genious, cannot let that be demystified. I wanted to see more chess, and I hate the game, funny.

That is why The Wire is so bloody excellent. It focuses on a huge cast of characters and their dynamics in the world without the fluff. No veneer, no theme, no questing, what might seem to start with cops vs gangsters becomes, uh, everything? Personalities, their lot in life, let time pass and have them mix and match, and we get what we get. Yeah I'm no critic, but honestly The Wire is so difficult to pin down.

It's been a busy fall, in many ways. Vacations are coming up, gonna enjoy my brand new Müsing C3! Right now actually.

EDIT 2020-12-16: I watched some analysis videos of the games in Queen's Gambit. There's quite a lot going on in the depicted games, and seeing other options and the pivotal moves when games were adjourned or turned is really nice. Exactly what I had hoped to know more about while watching the show... What does it mean to play intuitively or aggressively? How do different opponents react? Muh, Russians are machines and it's cool to feel free and live in the moment, that's what it's always about. It's easy for seasoned players to pick out the interesting details that are shown to us in plain sight I suppose, but I don't think some actual explanation about the games to all viewers would have hurt anything. Oh well, there are more important things in the world :p

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Some light business

After that heavy last post, something fun:

Horse by Komatsu Hideo, I've wanted to fold this for some time. Turned out ok. I don't want to shape it too much, at some point one could simply scrunch up wet paper and shape it to look like anything. Part of the charm with origami for me is how paper can be transformed with straight lines into complex and/or pretty figures. The paper's rather dark, because it's late and origami-shop didn't have any light colored papers left, I'd have preferred a lighter hue that's easier to look at. The paper is one quarter of a 70x70 cm2 biotope sheet, and at the start I thought "this is a bit big", then "hmm, this looks way too small", and at the end "perfect!" I'm a bit rusty at judging paper size and I never tried biotope before. This paper is almost like cloth, it's soft and feels "full/warm" but holds creases quite well, and most importantly you'd need a strong-man to tear this apart by hand. There's a lot of layers around the lower back and most other paper would have folded (pun intended, hah!). Paper such stronk. Reminds me of traditional Japanese origami paper, but smoother and heavier. I prefer mulberry with methylcellulose methinks, it's lighter and the creases are nicer but it's not as forgiving. I'll finish all my sheets though, no problem.

Now what shall I fold with all the other paper...

Saturday, 10 October 2020

A Life on Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough was 93 years old when recording his latest documentary earlier this year. He seems as young and energetic as always. I didn't watch much of his when I was young, but I'm getting the idea as I grow older. A Life on Our Planet feels very current and poignant even though the main narrative is about a rather long process, and I agree with pretty much everything he has to say. It makes me sad how many wouldn't, and maybe even worse how many would, but couldn't allow themselves to change their way of life. I feel like I'm improving, but I'm sure I can do better. Nobody expects an instant handbrake (good old gaming ref), but we should all try bit by bit.

It's become something of a meme with my colleagues how I complain about hot weather in general, when in fact my full statement is that I'm mostly fine relaxing in the shadows with 25 up to almost 40 degrees C which I've experienced a few times in my life, however it's very difficult to perform any physically or mentally streneous activities then. I hear air-cons solve everything, but already before Saitama and his training regimen I decided not to take that route. Actually, the moment I decided to not personally have an AC was when Louis CK said how white people are never happy with the world and must adjust it to their liking. Sure, he's a comedian, and to lots of people nowadays a horrible creature at best, but that doesn't mean his every statement is nonsense (this is a can of worms I probably shouldn't touch, but airing out is better than canning in). I'm doing my best to accept the world as it presents itself, and the facilities I was given to experience it.

There's so much we could do. Some of it good, some of it bad; to the environment, our health, others' health, morally, you name it. With regards to development and progress, some of it helpful, some of it not. Fun and boring overlap them all. I'll try to reduce the bad and unnecessary, and make as much boring into fun as I can. And not everything people want to me to do is necessary, so I need to consider how much I want to be part of that.

To end this post, I'll bring up a famous logical fallacy that is prevalent in this subject that I find very irritating and common among intelligent people. I cannot recall the name of the fallacy right now, but a particular application goes something like this:
"Why should we do anything when China pollutes the worst?"
A version that hits closer to home would be:
"You tell me to exercise more, so why don't you?"
Why does it matter what the other person does? Why not do good; yay if others join in, and you simply gained if they don't. Sure, if you look at numbers, you can present a narrative where improving the situation in China would be more effective than working on Sweden. But it does not follow that nothing would improve if Sweden did better, it's just laziness, convenience, and ignorance if Sweden doesn't. Now that we can be so well aware, so well connected, have so much knowledge and information so very close to us, the well developed and strong groups should strive for doing good, and the tools found on the way can be shared with others.
Or if you wish, there's a naive rebuke I really dislike myself, in where one could say that if we don't do anything we're just as bad. Don't use that on your kids, think better of them.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

More business

I was in need of more nutrients for my C40, and at the same time I decided to order a little origami material:

That should take a good while to get through. No excuses any longer. No idea what the necklace is for...

Had one amazing violin session three weeks ago, could've played that in public. It was the only time though.

Learning Japanese is so much work, gotta keep it up. Looking at old photos from Japan keeps my motivation alive.

Tried to make a banana cake today, smells nice, will try it at work tomorrow. Yolo.

Most terse post?

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Back in business

Fun time over, time to work- erm, to have more fun?

Planned to buy something for a friend of mine since he drove to and from Stockholm so that we could hang out with even more friends! Rather small group though, we didn't take any crazy risks given the current situation in the world. All very responsible. Then suddenly the online shop which had the something just up and vanished, strange. Of course, when I don't know what to buy for people, my go-to gift is some paper that I fold a couple of times. He has a few figures already from when we shared a flat at university, but he didn't have a Tomoko Fuse modular thing, so I made this (my mother joined in for some of the folding):

Making two connections (the orange thingies) between the cubes at the same time while keeping the paper in pristine shape without visible creases is sweet pain, but that also has its charms. Oh btw, the cubes are some 9 x 6 = 54 pieces of paper and the connections 10 x (3 + 3) = 60 (each connection needs 2 types of folds, 3 of each type), for a total of... 114 pieces of paper. The largest modular thing I've made is, hmm, (10 + 10 + 6) x 3 + (11 + 11 + 6) x (2 + 2) + 6 x 3 = 208 pieces of paper. No photo, use your imagination. I should probably make something bigger than the two decorative boxes to the hosts too, didn't expect all the stuff they had in store for the weekend, for the next visit mayhaps.

Cannot wait to play the violin here, but gonna wait until the shop downstairs is closed... I'd like to be a considerate tenant.

Enough, let's have an evening.