Tuesday 30 August 2011

Back to testing shenanigans

Work consists mainly of details and writing things at the moment while waiting for the beam time... Started cleaning up around the setup too.

Got interested in testing again and decided to read up on code coverage. Interesting stuff, even wrote my own source code instrumentation injector (after having tried the rather spartan gcov) and tried it on the urxvt code (not the best C++ out there, but everything must pass). So far, it only does statement coverage, but extracting conditionals should not be too hard since they are already identified and the move to checking for MC/DC doesn't seem insurmountable. The parser is mainly "empirically" for now, I should probably write a parser based on the latest C++ grammar specs.

Ordered a bunch of old style french cookbooks yesterday, gonna be fun trying out some proper french food. Only got one more year down here...

Finally got around to start learning the solos for Comfortably Numb without tabs. Like most good pieces of music, they're not very complicated but require a lotta love.

That's all I have to offer this time around... I blame boring work-related things.

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