Friday 14 October 2011

Another late post

I have a few good reasons for this this delay...

First of all, we got beam! 8Li was a bit problematic with the HRS, but we got 27Na. Small problem is that it decays to 27Mg which in turn decays to 27Al, so we got two broad beta spectra to separate. Oh, fun-fun. Lots of practical problems all over the place, I even pulled a 26h shift just because I'm a bit insane.

I was outside Bratislava this week, on a GEANT4 school/workshop. Took a cab from my apt to the Cointrin airport in Geneva, flew to Vienna, took a bus to Bratislava, recognized a Ph.D. on her way to the same school who had visited ISOLDE not long ago and we had lunch in the city, grabbed a cab to the institute in Bratislava, met a fellow Swede there, took a bus to Casta Papiernicka and had fun for a few days. Then I had to do most of that backwards again, but I walked through Vienna with a small group of people from the school. Impressive city.

Hardly any time at all for the C++ coverage program or any hobby programming at all to be honest.

Tried GHS Boomers yet again, and they seem a bit pingy. Nice overall otherwise though, let's see in a few days.

Parents are coming tomorrow to visit for a week, maybe we'll try something in the cookbooks.

EDIT: So, Steve Jobs died. Saw it in all the papers. Too bad.
A few days later, I heard by accident that Dennis Ritchie died. Didn't see that in any paper. What's wrong with this world?

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