Tuesday 1 November 2011

Dark after work

Clocks were reset to their proper setting and suddenly I have to bike home in darkness. Until the snow arrives. Can't wait.

Mr analysis says zero asymmetry :/ This is only for the second run with the cleaned up DAQ and shoddy beam, need to clean up the data from the first run with the crappy plots, see what that gives.

I had been thinking about upgrading my sound equipment and looked through the multitude of headsets out there, which of course are mainly targeted at gamers. (And airport personnel.) Treble bumps for clear "reproduction" of foot-steps coming up from behind, extra sturdy construction for whenever you rip the headset off your noggin' and throw it to the floor boards in frustration (as you do), style (since nobody wants to look like an idiot when they get owned, oh the irony) and on it goes. Being a bit of a "proper nerd", I prefer comfort and sound _qualiteh_ to be able to indulge myself in proper music, so I stopped looking at silly gamer gear and started browsing audiophile forums (first geekhack and now head-fi). I am still just a student so in the end I settled for the Denon AH-D2000 which is currently 200 EUR at amazon.fr, and there's also a FIIO E10 DAC+amp combo somewhere in the french postal service heading my way. Incredibly comfortable headphones and they sound really good even without the amp, but I did see pretty early on what the recessed mids were all about. Nothing an eq can't fix for my as of yet under-developed audio hypersensitivity. Can't really recommend them as I haven't tested much else worth mentioning. Good sound and very, very comfortable, still not very expensive.

Decided to give "pure" nickel strings a go on my guitar, waiting for those as well (Pyramid, why not go for the best while you're at it, eh?). Tucked in a glass and a brass slide too, I love the thick roar and smooth vibrato of sliding.

Rewrote my C++ parser for the code coverage from a crude variable driven state machine to a scope based state machine. There are pros and cons to both, but in the long run, having a simple set of rules for specific sections of code will make the code easier to delve into after not having looked at it for a few weeks which is how I roll when I go developing stuff.

Battlefield 3 has been released, but I bought Scratches on sale at GOG instead. BF3 looks nicer (the metro in the beta was really pretty), but Scratches is sooo much more interesting. Yep, proper nerd, not a poser :D

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