Sunday 14 October 2012

Settling in, for a while

Moved into my new apartment, my parents and my older brother helped me move in and get things together. It's an ok apartment (two rooms, 54m2, and a proper kitchen) in a not so wonderful neighbourhood, but I shouldn't complain too much. At least I can cook and bake without having to worry about puncturing the kitchen walls with my skinny elbows, like in the kitchenette in my apartment in Ferney. However, if I get an opportunity to move to another apartment, I most probably will...

Working at Chalmers these days and seeing some friends. Starting to feel better, but my head is forever damaged. Work is going really slow, but I'm trying...

Just tried to record some guitar fiddling-about, but it seems I need to get a much, much better mic to be able to record anything remotely reasonable. The acoustic guitar sounded like a shoebox strung with cooking string, I have no idea what the electric would sound like with my crappy amp through my current mics. I already have an M-Audio USB interface somewhere...

I finally made a somewhat working LUA-plugin for VIM to toggle GDB breakpoints. Rather than having to deal with integrating GDB, I write the breakpoints to a file and give them to the debugger from a terminal. I use TMUX a lot and I find it pretty easy to navigate my source code anyways.

Other than that... Went to a theatre yesterday with some acquaintances. I now know that theatre is not my thing. It was a fun act at times, but the whole theatre-thing is too dull for me, there's too much talking with an unnatural rhythm and it takes way too long to evoke my thought processes.

Time to cook tomorrow's lunch and have supper!

EDIT(2012-10-26): Fun tidbit, I now finally have two sourdough starters, one on wheat and one on rye. I've only baked bread on the wheat starter so far, which tasted much more different (in a good way) than I thought it would, but a rye-based bread is coming up for this weekend I believe. Tip for the newbie: using too much flour for a normal dough is a common error (work the dough a bit longer and harder instead), but it's the other way around with sourdough bread, the dough gets really sticky after rising for a night. So no more fresh yeast that I always have to throw away! And dry yeast is just boring, just like using a cartridge or electrical razor :p Pics!

From First sourdough bread!

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