Thursday 22 November 2012

Getting better

I had one bad weekend a few weeks ago, and decided to see a therapist. There's a company which allows three free visits, and it seems that was enough, I feel a lot better these days. I don't spend nowhere near as much brain activity on useless junk and I can actually find long sessions to work and play around without being interrupted by darkness. Feel almost great! Fixed a bunch of terrain bugs and I'm now trying to reduce the flickering and to further develop the texture synthesis. Went to GSI for a bit, helped out where I could. Got new data for LAND, woho! Other than that... Things are just rolling on and I don't worry about things so much. Need to finish my poster for EMIS 2012 real soon though. At friend's place, gonna hold four presentations tomorrow, for a bunch of high school physics nerds. I'll show them what a real nerd is. And then we'll have a tour through Örebro I guess, first time for me! Short post, at least that means my mind is on more important, selfless things.

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