Saturday 27 April 2013

Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

I'm throwing away money left and right these days, today I went to the Fuzz Guitar Show in Eriksberg/Göteborg. Fun stuff and they had a student discount on the entrance fee, which is why I went ;)

There was a discount on Gotoh vibratos (or tremolos if you like being wrong), but I couldn't find the one type I want for my guitar. Fortunately actually, I don't strictly need one, yet. Bought two packs of EB 11 sets, but I found no Tortex yellow packs, bah. Pedals were not very interesting, Rockboxes look nice, cost too much and imho sound pretty boring and "perfect". Lundgren pickups had a booth, but I've already ordered me a set of Curtis Novak lipsticks, gonna have a lot of fun trying to figure out how to shred with those.

Best part was looking at old 2nd hand guitars and price tags on strats from the 50-60s. I need to get a car first and learn to play properly though. Worst part was thinking about the rich douche bags who'll buy them and defile them with their rubbish playing or just put them on a wall, like putting a tiger in a 5x5x3 m3 glass box :p

Tomorrow I'll watch an acquaintance from the Chalmers Aerospace Club from back in the days parachute his way down to Earth. I'm not gonna, I'll just watch and point.

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