Tuesday 21 May 2013

Ice hockey anyone?


Sorry for the ugly 90s HTML, don't wanna waste time gimping something up. I don't watch sports a whole lot, but when Sweden's in the world cup final in ice-hockey... I suppose age is providing passion and understanding for the hard work that the sportsmen put into their work. Anyway, the first period was fun, the second pretty boring, and the third sealed the deal. The players were properly rough, so it was an engaging match. Now I just have to endure another season of silly football :p

Completely forgot to mention that I bought a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ pedal PSU and a Boss NS-2 noise suppressor pedal from my brother and my setup is now almost completely noise free. The evening I plugged it all in was one of the best in a long time, sweat and blood were pouring and shrapnel from exploded guitar picks were embedded in my walls. And then when my parents came around and were curious about my playing, all I could play was really tame and sloppy little tunes.

The weather was phenomenal around Gothenburg during the last weekend, my parents and I went north of the city to Marstrand. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, with quaint little white wooden houses from the early 20th century, the fort in the background, the fresh air from the sea, the rocky archipelago, the green Swedish nature all around... Wouldn't mind ending up here eventually, if I ever get (make) enough money.

I've been indulging in a hobby recently by buying a bunch of books. A hobby that I may not have talked about at all around here, not sure. Apparently, and understandably, one should not advertise the biggest dreams in life, because talking about personal things works as an outlet not only for issues but also ideas and thoughts. Keep them to yourself, realize your own dreams because you're the only one who really gives a toss. I've told a few people, but I'll try to keep it in for now and let it simmer until I have the resources to start and finish it. Or "them", if I'm inspired enough. My dream is kinda insane, big and costly, but when I'm done, I'll have something I've wanted since I was in lower-middle elementary school! Maybe in a few years you'll see... It'll be noisy.

Should head home, it's getting late and dark rain clouds are rolling in.

EDIT(just a few minutes later): Upgraded to thunderclouds!

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