Wednesday 5 February 2014

A big day

I'm now a proud owner of a brand new HHKB Pro 2! Yep, I finally shelled out the money, including a trip to downtown Darmstadt to pay up at the customs office... Ugh. Anyway, I got to go to Darmstadt alone for once, but most importantly, I'm typing on one of the moth revered enthusiast keyboards on the market right now. It's a very different experience at first, but it grows on you. I was a bit scared of the Fn combos for certain keys, but it turned out not to be a big problem at all. And the size of the keyboard and placement of certain keys is wonderful. The main problem I had was that the space bar was cutting into my thumbs a bit, but I knew from my forum lurking about flipping the space bar and that made everything ok again. Now I just need to test-drive it in a working environment at GSI, ala:

Been making strides with the DAQ, the one guru from Chalmers made a trip down here and showed me the tricks of the trade. I've also managed to help out with various programming problems already with smiles abound and promises of "payback", and lots of people seem to be very happy of my new job. Feels nice.

So. after I had watched Sunder blow up, I landed on Democratus. Did what I had to do, which included being a bit of a hero, and left. And they wanted to pay back, by shrinking the entire bloody planet to the size of a human and they're now floating around me as a team member. An entire planet. I love Anachronox. And the mini-game for the tractor-beam with shutting up council members before they get to spout their bs... This the reason I play.

EDIT 2014-02-14: Another big day:
I played through all of Discworld 1! Finally, after probably decades of attempts and complete restarts because my save-games have disappeared, and frustration of just impossible puzzles, I have prevailed! All the way through. Is that an evil game or what, thank goodness for the occasional walkthrough. Fitting end with two dragons in love on Valentine's Day, injected a bit of life into me as I'm spending my evenings and weekends alone in a small temporary room... I'm alright, don't worry, the weissbier here in Germany is cheaper than water. Plus I need to gear up for Discworld 2.

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