Saturday 27 June 2020

Space Force is actually ok

Heard yesterday about somebody who recently came from Sweden to visit Germany, and that person had to fill in and sign an official document at the airport: 14 days quarantine. That's why I cannot really go unless I find a test before I return here, but I don't want to rely on "unless", not this time of year. Germany is scared of people coming from Sweden, for good reason. Nonchalant crowd-loving Swedes make it difficult for the rest of us to see our families :/ Only this other person had a trick up their sleeve: not staying in quarantine. Oh wow, I got upset when I was told. Fortunately there's a lot of people who care and show respect to offset the rats, I know of people coming from "hot zones" doing the right thing. I don't get angry easily, but this really does it. If I ever meet that selfish prick I'll say what I think.

So what is the right thing to do? Come on, don't be a self-centric child and use your head. We don't have 14-days quarantine or face masks because the Illuminati wants it.

Ordered and am currently going through a Probierpaket of three light roasted coffees, very fresh and aromatic. Every now and then it's nice to have a fuller cup still, I might have to order another such medium package.

Adagio is really tricky. I wonder how I managed to play through it the first 2 times I tried it, I can't even finish a couple of seconds of it now. With better understanding comes more caution and sensitivity I suppose, annoying.

Oh right, finally, the topic of the title. Just watched Space Force and I quite enjoyed it. Not amazing, but I would like more. Apparently the reviews are mixed, where pro industry reviewers think it's bad and the plebs think it's ok. The main reasons it's considered bad is supposedly that it poorly reflects (regurgitates?) the current state of top US politics, that the jokes are all misses, and that Naird is not psychotic enough for Carell. The first is in the news all the time (news > "TV" show for that, let TV explore so many other things we could have, also if you want satire you go to the UK), jokes are so very subjective (I laughed at a comfortable rate, not every 10 s but I also don't want that), and do people physically express weird behaviour even close to as much as Naird does or should snazzy pro reviewers lay off some binging of extreme displays of outrageous media to have a normal sense of the world again? Oh wait, I just said that they should be more normal, that's probably irony. Btw, bit risky to make the Chinese the villains, I wonder if that could have had any impact at all on the ratings... Hah, just kidding around... From Russia to China, I wonder who will be next. It's more of an honor than anything else though, isn't it?

Back to enjoying the summer heat, yay.

EDIT 2020-06-29: Forgot about the most astounding life-style change for me since many years; during the last two weeks I go to bed between 23 and midnight and wake up between 6 and 7. Feels nice, but I still work until just as late. Some people might think I'm a little clever, but I'm really not.

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