Tuesday 25 August 2020

Back in business

Fun time over, time to work- erm, to have more fun?

Planned to buy something for a friend of mine since he drove to and from Stockholm so that we could hang out with even more friends! Rather small group though, we didn't take any crazy risks given the current situation in the world. All very responsible. Then suddenly the online shop which had the something just up and vanished, strange. Of course, when I don't know what to buy for people, my go-to gift is some paper that I fold a couple of times. He has a few figures already from when we shared a flat at university, but he didn't have a Tomoko Fuse modular thing, so I made this (my mother joined in for some of the folding):

Making two connections (the orange thingies) between the cubes at the same time while keeping the paper in pristine shape without visible creases is sweet pain, but that also has its charms. Oh btw, the cubes are some 9 x 6 = 54 pieces of paper and the connections 10 x (3 + 3) = 60 (each connection needs 2 types of folds, 3 of each type), for a total of... 114 pieces of paper. The largest modular thing I've made is, hmm, (10 + 10 + 6) x 3 + (11 + 11 + 6) x (2 + 2) + 6 x 3 = 208 pieces of paper. No photo, use your imagination. I should probably make something bigger than the two decorative boxes to the hosts too, didn't expect all the stuff they had in store for the weekend, for the next visit mayhaps.

Cannot wait to play the violin here, but gonna wait until the shop downstairs is closed... I'd like to be a considerate tenant.

Enough, let's have an evening.

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