Tuesday 4 August 2020

Go go go

Traveling in these times is very much like before, I was expecting more hassle at the airport. I don't know about other flights, but people just wouldn't keep the distance at the gate no matter how much the staff begged everybody, even though they decided to board three groups at once... What were they expecting. Oh well, what can one do, I decided to stay back since I was anyhow on the first row so I should really get on late. Yay, business class, the food which I shouldn't get in these times was really underwhelming and that was about it. To continue on the previous thread, I never understood why people cram themselves into the plane, I'd rather stay out of the plane as much as possible which I'm sure I've said in an earlier post. Also, boarding order is a very complex problem that tends to be done best in random order, except in Japan and maybe some similar places. Groups such as families/relatives first, then window seats, then middle, then aisle; the problem is this approach puts some faith in the majority of the passengers which in practice one unfortunately cannot do according to numerous tests :/ Anyway, generalizing and mentioning emergent behaviour in people is considered unethical and immoral so I better stop.

Went to the forest today to look for mushrooms, found a few, but my parents found "a lot". Bit dry even with all the rain that supposedly has been falling here. Later I went for a bikeride in Alandsryd, there was an MTB SM there some years ago and I finally tried what was left of the trail. Fun, I've missed MTB:ing. The trail started and stopped intermittently though, so it was difficult to keep going.

So, every paragraph is related to the title in several ways, and here are two more topics: go in Japanese is five, and I've been studying some Japanese recently, currently memorizing the radicals for kanji and some basic characters. All the readings, ugh. Plus, after the MTB tour, the scales at home flipped between 55.4 and 55.6 kg, so that's maybn 55.5 kg? Tada. Being fat might be annoying and carry some stigma, but losing weight without noticing is scary as hell. My tummy hurt so much after lunch, I made the mistake to tell my mother :p

I better continue being lazy at home...

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