Tuesday 4 May 2021

Been a while

So much weirdness at work the last few months... Not something I intend to write up, but certain things will be tricky at work going forward, for the first time ever I'll need to think twice about my actions. One of the difficult things did lead to a massive improvement, so yay, but it didn't come cheap. Other than that, well, I really don't want to say anything about the experiments either, there's no point doing that here, I'll know my own opinions forever ;) Three experiments down, one more to go in a few weeks and then it's time for other campaigns.

I recently found Steven Wilson on one of my journeys through the yt recommended lists. I really liked the cover art for "The Raven That Refused to Shut Up" or something like that and clicked because I like danger, huehue. The album started fun, I read the comments of course, and noticed that they weren't just "I love Steven Wilsooon!" (pop ref) or "I love prooog!" (no ref), there was something in the comments that made me try a little harder. I'm sure I've mentioned before I've needed a few listens to appreciate my favorite albums, and this was the same. Excellent stuff. Continued with "Hand. Cannot. Erase." whose title song is so very different to what I normally listen to but it's great, and "12 Things I Regret" from "The Future Bites" is also great. Check him out, beautiful music.

Found a little "lake" in the middle of the forest close to GSI last Sunday, it was pretty with the sun shining gently through the clouds. Might seem a silly thing to report here, for some reason I wanted to have it here.

So tired, mostly because of work. I'm sure more happened since last time, but the three things above were really the important bits. Now it's def. spring, car drivers are starting to drive crazily and carelessly, the Wixhausen hanami was nice, and life goes on, let's see which way we all choose to follow this time :)

EDIT 2021-05-08: How could I call myself a nerd without having watched Star Trek? So I started with TOS just recently. It's dated for sure, but it's relatively clever stuff, even the pilot without the mythical Shatner got me hooked. Voyager was a really silly version that tainted my taste, it's too bad I started with that on TV as a kid. I'll probably go for TOS, TNG, and DSN, in that order, and skip everything else. Let's shatter the final frontier!

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