Tuesday 29 June 2021

Halfway invincible

First shot of Comirnaty taken care of, last week. Now I gotta wait another 5 weeks or get Covid and I'll be immortal. Regarding side-effects, it was fine in the beginning with small pains around the injection area. That disappeared and now my hand has gotten a little weak and I have a stiff neck on the left side. Not great, but overall I can do the same things as always (just need to be careful while carrying full large pots with one hand, which is anyhow not a great idea...), and there are many worse stories.

It's been a long and arduous series of experiments, and it's been difficult to accomplish much else. Went on a hike in the Rhön, and on a little boat trip on the Rhein which was very inspiring. Very little energy, focus, and time for violin, origami, or other hobbies that require large chunks of my abilities. Summer vacation will be extra nice this time around...

Bernardel rosin is for sure much, much nicer than Hill Dark, I should just throw away the latter one and forget about it.

Speaking of forgetting things, I watched the Hateful Eight, apparently again. I didn't remember having seen the whole thing, I just recognized short parts and remained confused throughout. That film is mottled with short great sequences while the rest and overall arch are so forgettable. I need to remember not to watch it again :p Oh right, I for some sick reason decided to watch the remake of Ghost in the Shell. Oof. Ugh. Why. Well, somehow not as forgettable as the Hateful Eight, but as unforgettable as tripping into dog poo, I would imagine. My goodness why did I watch this garbage, when I could just watch the original, or a fly stuck inside a glass for 2h.

A week and a half until vacation back home, wohoo!

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