Sunday 26 December 2021

A white Christmas, finally

After many many years, we finally have a white Christmas here in southern Sweden, neat! At ~ -15 C, it's sometimes even colder than Kiruna up north at ~ -10 C, funny.

But not everybody celebrates Christmas, I still get work-related messages :p I don't mind working at strange times, but I don't like how so many don't and I need to make up for that somehow. Many names on large experiments, and in the end a minority straps in and pushes. Not the dream, but someone's gotta do it. It's taking a toll on my health, I seriously need to change this... Taking it easy at home now though!

Hope y'all had a crackly crazy Christmas!

EDIT 2021-12-28: Don't Look Up is absolute trash. Uh, what is up with those IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores?! ... Idiocracy was great fun when I was younger and it lost its charm with time, but it's still a lot better. Even Red Notice was more entertaining, and believe it or not, less stupid. Alright, back to some work... I thought I was supposed to have vacation -_-

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